Immigration and EU Trade

The UK does not have an 'instant on' capability to provide the public services and infrastructure required to sustain mass immigration. Uncontrolled immigration impacts jobs, housing, schools, transport, and healthcare. We welcome those with the skills to help us prosper as a country but, in common with many other countries in the world, we will impose a strict points-based system for immigration.

The original proposal for the Common Market that was put to the British people decades ago made no mention of tight political and legislative union. The British people have been conned by self-serving bureaucrats and large corporations that use the EU legislation as an anti-competitive club with which to beat upcoming businesses.

If we were being asked today whether or not to join the European Union, we wouldn't dream of it. Sadly, a large part of our media is seemingly unable to contemplate the proposition of leaving the EU whilst, in some areas, failing to declare commercial interests in the form of EU grants. Of course, we are treated to the usual scare tactic of 'fear, uncertainty and doubt' about EU membership from all of the old parties but the truth is that we have a £62bn per year trade deficit with the EU, so guess who will be knocking on our door for a trade deal.

For as long as we remain members of a political union, we cannot control our borders, set our own tax policies, or have any independence from the unelected commissioners that control the EU. Trade with Europe, allow people to come to the UK with much needed skills? All day long. Political union with no ability to control our own destiny, or our borders? No, thanks. British Independents offers a unique pledge to trade with the EU without being in the pockets of the establishment or the bankers. Don't be suckered by the establishment media fronted by crony politicians. Remember, the Remain campaign was led by the same people who told us that our world would collapse if we didn't join the euro and that the banks should face less regulation.

The historic Brexit vote brings with it a new opportunity to re-stablish Britain's global trading base. We will continue to trade with Europe as we extricate the UK from political union with the EU. Let's make this our finest hour!



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