Local government requires a complete overhaul. Its current structure generates significant, costly inefficiencies and severely hampers the delivery of coordinated, multi-agency services.

There is a clear preference expressed by the citizens for higher visibility of police officers on foot. Chief Constables should be reminded that policing is a community service that should reflect the needs and wishes of the public that it serves.

The obsession with targets and league tables must end. League tables will be abolished and SATs will go on-line to remove some of the administrative burden from teachers. Schools will be made more accountable to parents. Exercise and nutrition will become major focus points for a child's wellbeing. There will be a greater emphasis on vocational skills for further and higher education.

The NHS is at the core of the British way of life. Access to healthcare for British citizens must be free at the point of service. We'll get rid of the 'targets' bureaucracy, streamline services, and restore control of healthcare to medical professionals.

The UK's tax system is not fit for purpose. We'll seek a comprehensive review of taxation, to include replacing Council Tax with Income Tax, a clamp down on corporate tax dodgers, and a simplification of the tax system to reduce the burden on small businesses.

The UK does not have an 'instant on' capability to provide the public services and infrastructure required to sustain mass immigration. Uncontrolled immigration impacts jobs, housing, schools, transport, and healthcare. We welcome those with the skills to help us prosper as a country but, in common with many other countries in the world, we will impose a strict points-based system for immigration.

Essential services should not be run for private profit. We'll bring gas, electricity, water, railways, communications infrastructure and the Royal Mail into public ownership so that profits are ploughed back into services, whilst providing coherent strategies and long term price stability for the benefit of citizens and industry.

The UK is fast attracting a poor reputation as one of only two countries in the western world where forced adoption is a cornerstone of child protection policy. The removal of a child from its parents against their wishes is one of the most dire events that can happen to anyone, yet forced adoption is rapidly becoming the norm. Once a forced adoption has taken place, there is no recourse for the parents. They are gone forever with no contact being allowed.

Do you know the difference between the national deficit and the national debt? Not many do but successive governments have conned the British people by persistently talking about 'reducing the deficit' when the reality is that debt is increasing dramatically. There is an urgent need to begin the process of down-sizing government, to include the eradication of entire departments.

"If you want peace, prepare for war." Britain's conventional defences have been depleted by successive governments to the point where there is now a real danger that we have been left defenceless. The ability to be able to respond with conventional, non-nuclear force, is an absolute requirement that is being ignored.

Transport policy in the UK has become a free for all. A lack of strategic planning and a dogmatic focus on privatisation has led to spiralling costs and a rail transport system that takes more in subsidy than British Rail ever did. Motorists contribute nearly £40bn per year in motoring related taxes, the vast majority of which plays no part in maintaining our road network.

We will seek to introduce proportional representation so that parliament becomes a true reflection of the electorate's wishes. We will introduce secure electronic voting so that MPs can spend more time in their constituencies working on behalf of their constituents. The need for a second home for non-ministerial MPs will be removed.

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