Public Ownership of Essential Services

Essential services should not be run for private profit. We'll bring gas, electricity, water, railways, communications infrastructure and the Royal Mail into public ownership so that profits are ploughed back into services, whilst providing coherent strategies and long term price stability for the benefit of citizens and industry. Read More

Hands off our NHS!

The NHS is at the core of the British way of life. Access to healthcare for British citizens must be free at the point of service. We'll get rid of the 'targets' bureaucracy, streamline services, and restore control of healthcare to medical professionals. Read More

Immigration and EU Trade

The UK does not have an 'instant on' capability to provide the public services and infrastructure required to sustain mass immigration. Uncontrolled immigration impacts jobs, housing, schools, transport, and healthcare. We will welcome those with the skills to help us prosper as a country but, in common with many other countries in the world, we will impose a strict points-based system for immigration. Read More

Tax Reform

The UK's tax system is not fit for purpose. We'll seek a comprehensive review of taxation, to include replacing Council Tax with Income Tax, a clamp down on corporate tax dodgers, and a simplification of the tax system to reduce the burden on small businesses. Read More


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School bus pass post code lottery

Derby’s David Gale has today called for an end to the school bus pass post code lottery.

Citing major differences in the cost to parents of school bus passes across the country, Gale claims that the huge variations in the charges levied by bus operators place a significant additional burden on families.

“The difference for a family with two children can be over £500 a year which makes a mockery of government attempts to support families struggling with the cost of educating their children. It’s all very well saying that children shouldn’t use the bus but, with an absence of police officers on the beat, parents’ primary concern is keeping their children safe.”

“Take two examples: a school bus pass in Derby from Arriva costs £12 per week per child, whereas Milton Keynes provides school travel for just 50pence per journey. That’s a staggering difference of £14 per week for a family with two children. Over a school year of between 36-40 weeks, that means that parents with two children in Derby are paying up to £960. That’s over £500 per year more than a similar family in Milton Keynes.”

“It’s not like parents have a choice about which bus operator to use. It’s effectively a monopoly situation that leaves bus operators able to point the finger at local authority subsidy as being the only way of making costs more manageable. We have a state education system. It’s only fair that the major cost of accessing it is stabilised across the country. I am calling on school bus passes to be properly regulated with affordable fares across the country.”

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